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3 Interesting Facts About Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxes are becoming all of the rage lately. They’ve steadily became more and more popular since their arrival in the 1980’s. Some people are still hesitant because they are worried about the pain, the process, or they just don’t really understand how it works. Here are three interesting facts about Brazilian waxing you may want to know.

1. It Won’t Pull On Your Skin.

A lot of people are hesitant to get their first Brazilian wax because they see how the wax works and are worried it will yank on their skin the same way it yanks on their hair. Normally, this would happen. The hot wax is an extremely sticky adhesive that bonds to about everything. That’s what makes it such a powerful tool for removing unwanted hair. However, there is one thing that it won’t stick to: talcum powder.

Before the wax is ever applied to the body, the waxing technician will cover the entire region with a protective layer of talcum powder. The powder comes to rest against the skin and is brushed off of the surrounding hair. Afterwards a stick is used to apply the wax on the hair in the direction the hair is growing. Very little of the wax would even make contact with the powdered skin, but the wax that does will not stick.

2. It Can Last A Long Time.

Normally, a Brazilian wax will only last for between 10 and 21 days, with most people lasting closer to three weeks. It delivers more long term results than shaving because the process removes hair deeper down along the shaft than other methods.

You can’t necessarily get a wax every three weeks though because the hair must grow back to a certain length before you an applicable candidate for another waxing. Hair should be around one quarter of an inch before scheduling a waxing, but no longer than half of an inch.

While results usually last only up to three weeks this isn’t always the case. If you schedule waxing sessions one after another for long periods of time it can eventually deliver permanent hair loss. This is because the waxing weakens and then damages the hair at the follicle, thus preventing it from regrowing ever again. Waxing was used as the original permanent hair loss solution before lasers came into the picture.

3. The Pain Isn’t Always So Severe.

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding just how painful these waxing sessions really are. Hollywood has sensationalized the process and made it seem like a nightmarish ordeal, but that isn’t always the case.

There is no denying that a Brazilian wax is uncomfortable and somewhat painful. The first session is always the worst, which is partially why it has such a bad reputation. Not everyone returns for a second, but if they did, they would realize it hurts less and less each time.

The pain can also be reduced during the treatment by asking the technician to wax smaller areas of hair at a time. They are always willing to comply with the requests of their patients. The session will take longer, but will be much less painful in the long run. A special thanks to Waxing and Skincare by Celeste for giving us insight to the world of waxing. You can follow them online.

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